Benefits of an insurance attorney

photo-1467840090898-5b940a807822Are you currently fighting with your insurance company over a claim that you are trying to get them to pay on? Maybe they are giving you the run around or you and the appraiser just can’t come to an agreement on how much your claim is actually worth. While it is possible for you to use your regular attorney to help you deal with the insurance company, here are some of the many benefits of hiring an attorney that specializes in dealing with insurance claims. An attorney who works with insurance companies on a regular basis will be more knowledgeable about the confusing contracts that insurance companies provide you with when you first take out a policy with them. An insurance attorney can better explain to you what you are entitled to with your policy, including all the things that are covered under your policy and what is not covered by the policy. A good insurance attorney may be able to find things covered in your policy that deal with your claim that you or your regular attorney may miss because you are not as familiar as they are with how the insurance companies word their policies and how certain things are classified in the policy. Your insurance attorney can advise you of your rights under your policy and under the law, and can even step in to prevent the insurance company from trying to railroad you into taking a settlement that is well under the fair value of your claim. Insurance companies also consider your legal representation when they offer you a settlement. If you are representing yourself or using an attorney who doesn’t specialize in dealing with insurance companies, then the insurance company is more likely to offer you a low settlement because they know if the case goes to court they have a decent chance of winning the case, or if they do lose, that the case won’t drag out in court for very long. However, if you have an attorney that specializes in insurance claims, especially one with a good track record of winning their cases, then the insurance companies will usually offer a higher settlement because they want to keep the case out of court in order to keep from racking up even more expenses over the claim. If you are wanting to settle your case without litigation, then an insurance attorney can help you with the mediation, arbitration, or appraisal process in which you and your attorney, as well as the insurance company, will work with a third party in order to find a fair settlement for your claim. If your claim does end up going to court, having an attorney represent you drastically increases the chances of you winning your case, and an attorney that specializes in these types of cases can get you more money from your case. Insurance companies hire the most experienced attorneys that they can find to represent them in claims like yours, so shouldn’t you hire an attorney who is experienced in dealing with them?

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