Most Common Air-Conditioning Issues



Most Common Air Conditioning Problems

All of us at some point in time face the moment of fear not knowing if the air conditioning at our home is going to hurt our pocket or cause us inconvenience. Air conditioners on an average do not last more than 12 years. And they often fail at times you don’t want them to.

If you have an AC that is more than 10 years old then you should expect some trouble any time soon. Many times, even with a new AC one may face some common air conditioning problems.

To avoid any inconvenience of your AC shutting down you need look out for some early signs suggesting some problem. The common air conditioning problems that people generally face are:

1. Low Freon or Refrigerant

Air conditioners have chemicals that act as coolants for the air in your air conditioning system. If the level of the refrigerant goes down in your air conditioner than it means that there is a leakage in your AC. The leakage in the air conditioner needs to be repaired immediately so that your AC can start cooling.

2. Fan not Working

The fan on the outside of your air conditioner is responsible for circulating the hot air out of your room. Circulation of this hot air out of the room allows the AC to cool the room effectively. When this fan in your AC stops working and does not perform the action it is there for than the transfer of heat does not happen. This leads to the overheating of your air conditioner and tripping of it. And many times, a fault like this may further lead to damaging the AC compressor.

3. Faulty Wiring

If the wiring is not up to the standard of running a heavy machine like the air conditioner than it may lead to a major accident like a fire hazard. If you are using uncertified wiring for your air conditioner or if it is haphazard than it will not allow the power to pass on to the air conditioner. It may lead to the tripping of the power from your mains.

4. Frozen coil in the air conditioner

Your air conditioner may also stop cooling because of a frozen coil in it. When there is a frozen coil in the AC that could indicate an issue with the airflow that prevents it from cooling. This could be a result of obstruction in the AC’s ductwork or could be due to dirty filters. Freezing of coils in the air conditioner could also be a result of low Freon.

5. Non-Functional Outside Unit

When the outside unit stops working it is often because of not enough power, faulty thermostat or many times due to contractor problems.

6. Thermostat Batteries

Do not overlook the thermostat light. If it were not lit that would inevitably mean that you need to change the batteries.

To prevent air conditioning problems the best measure that you can take is to have a preventive air conditioner maintenance program. Get your routine servicing and AC maintenance done to know if there is any fault with your wiring, refrigerant or with the airflow of the AC.

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