The Best Platform for Musicians

While some people are still wondering how musicians are making money out of the music, they produce these days which to some it seem as if they are taking this art to the extreme, music industry is booming now than ever before. The industry seems to be enjoying the upswing, and everything is getting better for everyone involved in it, and we won’t get away with this if we don’t appreciate the rapid advancement of technology which has brought us to this point we are right now.

But we should also understand that the internet has brought new and even simpler ways for musicians to market their music and reach their audiences all over the world with just a few clicks. A person in Africa can access a song released in the very same time as the person in the USA will; this is all because of the internet. People can now live stream music from their mobile phones using apps created a special platform for musicians to publicise their work.

Now with that simple introduction let’s now go ahead and take a look at one of the platforms that help musicians to market themselves and their work too.

Soundcloud is a new platform in social media with extremely great features where all participants of the music industry meet and display their work to the public; these may include musicians, producers, DJs and the fans themselves. The good thing about SoundCloud is that everyone participates in creating and sharing the music, it is very easy to use the platform to create your fan base. Here are some of the basic things to do as a musician to market your music; although we recommend you jump straight to buy soundcloud reposts with

Keep sharing new contents; if you don’t share new contents in this platform your fans won’t stick around with you, so make sure you keep sharing new contents always.

Create Conversations; Don’t just post your content and leave, try to connect with your fans by creating discussions about your music and answering their questions.

Update Continuously; schedule your time for updating your contents, when your fans expect you to update your content they will start to show up, so better keep up to it.

Join groups and network; Another way of creating customer base is by joining other groups of your genre, this is the easiest way to expand your network, but it should be noted though that joining groups won’t help you if don’t participate in that particular group. So you should be an active member of the group.

Having noted these clues as an upcoming musician, putting these things into consideration and giving all of them an honest effort without forgetting consistency, you will be on your way to success. Now let’s have a look at some few musicians who have made an impact with SOUNDCLOUD.

Moby; paired images and music tracks in his microsite, joined up Instagram and called upon his fans to submit their photos [destroyed photos] which they took in their offline world
50 cents; He created a freestyle rap, and a beat then allowed his fan to complete it, so his fans went busily trying to make this track.
Foo Fighters; they displayed a phone number in one of their videos that made the fans anxious and dial it only to find out that it was the number for their lead singer Dave who asked them to comment on the video and they did it and published the magnificent messages.
So with these few examples of the musicians who made an impact using SoundCloud and the few simple steps we have seen then we can all agree with no doubt that SoundCloud is a great way for musicians to market themselves.


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