Understanding The Causes Of Dog Joint Pain


Joint pains are very common occurrences in the lives of our fury friends. Sometimes their condition might not be visible to the eye of the pet owners due to its mildness, but when the joint pain is extremely unbearable, it might affect them in a bad way.

At times, the disease might already be existent when they young and the symptoms may not become visible until the latter half of their lives. Some common symptoms include stiffness, limping, reluctance to jump or do certain activities. Let us brainstorm some of the common causes of dog joint pains.

1. Ligament injury

Ligament injury is one of the most prevalent causes of joint pain in dogs. The most common ligament damaged is the ‘cranial cruciate ligament’. When the ligament in damaged, it can cause problems such as instability of the joint and extreme wear on the cartilage. If diagnosed early, the risks of joint pains and arthritis can be minimized and the condition can be cured faster. Surgery of the damaged ligament can completely cure the disease and protect dogs from further severe joint pains.

2. Joint instability

Hip and elbow dysplasia are very common occurrences that can lead to instability of the joints. Hip dysplasia can cause excess wear and tear of the cartilage that can eventually give rise to an extremely painful condition, arthritis. X-ray is used to diagnose this condition, and it is better that the disease is treated as early as possible. On the other hand, elbow dysplasia causes lameness in dogs especially when they are at a very young age. It is most prevalent in larger breeds. Both of these conditions can lead to severe join pain and are diagnosed using x-rays, as can be learnt from this website.

3. Patellar luxation

When our fury friends are tiny and young, they can suffer from patellar luxation. The knee cap is usually displaced when this happens, and it leads to lameness in puppies, not allowing them to walk properly or hop around. They don’t feel any weight on the affected leg. This condition can worsen overtime and lead to sever joint pain and arthritis.

4. Cartilage problems

Issues in the cartilage can cause unbearable joint pains in dogs. Sometimes a cartilage joint can thicken, a condition called Osteochondrosis dissecans (OCD). As the cartilage is swollen or thickened, it may lead to tearing of the cartilage in the joint. This will cause lameness in the joints, and our canine friends might not be able to walk properly. This disease is more common with dogs that are of large breed, and it occurs in both the hind and front leg. The disease is more prevalent in larger dogs due to the fact that they are obese or are overweight.

5. Autoimmune disorders

Autoimmune disorders are linked to some rare diseases such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. They cause a lot of pain to the joints, inflammation of the joints resulting in lameness. These diseases mainly occur due to an overreaction in the immune system and affect multiple joints, eventually wearing away the whole cartilage. The bones in the joints are also affected as a result.
These diseases can be treated using immunosuppressive drugs. They should be treated early. Otherwise it might be difficult to cure them.

Dogs are our best friends, and they should be treated properly with love and care. We should always be aware of their health and take them for regular checkups.

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