Why your children should read harry potter


People all around the world have now heard of the Harry Potter series of books and there are huge numbers of fans, children and adults alike populating the earth. The latest book has only been named and does not have a date for publish, yet it is already on some online sites top seller lists as huge amounts of people have pre-ordered both the books and audio book versions of the story.

Each and every one of the Harry Potter books has been a bestseller and the audio book versions do not seem to be an exception. The Harry Potter audio books are incredibly valuable in homes that consist of more than one fan and as most parents do not wish to buy the same expensive book twice in order to save their children from arguing about who gets to read it first, they are now turning to the Harry potter audio books so that the whole family can enjoy the stories at the same time.

The books tend to be long and many parents do not have the time to read the books in entirety to their children which is another reason why parents are buying the books in audio format. Pros and Cons of Purchasing the Harry Potter Audio Books

A lot of children are demanding the Harry Potter audio books in addition to the regular books as they simply want as much of Harry’s merchandise as possible. After reading the long books for the first time, they may then be content to listen to the tale being told by another person and if their parents do not have the time to spend reading aloud then the HP audio books can be a worthwhile solution. However, some children are only interested in the Harry Potter audio books to the detriment of actual reading books. This can be a drawback as some of them are less likely to get into the habit of reading paper books and so stick to listening to someone else read the books instead.

One of the best things about the original Harry Potter series is that it does encourage children to want to read and can get them started into a good lifetime habit of reading. However, the audio book versions can sometimes take this good point away by making it easy for the children to become slightly lazy about reading and get used to listening instead of attempting to read the book for themselves. On the other hand, listening to a Harry Potter audio book is most definitely better than sitting around watching television and many young children like to fall asleep listening to the audio versions of their favorite books.
Well, it seems obvious enough that it’s successful because it’s good. The book and movies have been one of the most popular cultural intakes for a complete generation. The beautiful thing is, the themes and atmosphere has grown with you not hard to imagine what those children will eventually read their children. Another reason why your children should read harry potter is the participatory culture surrounding it. This can be explained by combining two factors. Factor one: it’s targeted to an generation which is, for the first time, really brought up in the Internet age. Factor two: for this generation Harry Potter is the most successful and influential brand around. The combination results in total fan immersion. Check out the goblet of fire audiobook here!

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