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Fire Protection

The GM CSD is charged with providing structural fire protection and emergency medical services to the Gold Mountain community.  These services are provided through an agreement (annual contract) with the Eastern Plumas Rural Fire Protection District. The Eastern Plumas area has excellent cooperative agreements among the various special district volunteer fire protection providers to supply mutual aid assistance in the event of a structural fire or medical emergency.
The contract with the Eastern Plumas Rural Fire Protection District was intended to be a temporary arrangement until Gold Mountain could officially align with one of the local volunteer fire department districts.  The CSD has undertaken a number of studies to decide which alignment would be in the best interest of our community however there is no clear best choice.

May contain: fire hydrant and hydrant

Alignment with one of these districts would almost certainly require that your district pay a high annexation fee and depending on which district, it might require the CSD build a fire house in the community at significant cost.   Aligning with another FD might also require the GM Community to raise a small force of in-house volunteers. 
Within our community, the CSD has participated in a number of related initiatives to improve our overall fire safety:

  • When GM was developed, only seven fire hydrants were required, all serving commercial uses. Over time the District has added 14 additional hydrants at strategic locations to serve most (85%) of the community.  We will continue to add more hydrants as funds become available until we have covered the entire community.
  • The CSD has partnered with the GM Home Owners Association (HOA) to develop a limited quick attack firefighting capability. Using a large pickup equipped with a water tank and gasoline powered pump, we have created a first attack vehicle to provide initial response in the community.  Each year we provide annual training to a large force of volunteers on this system.  There have been several significant successes with this equipment as a “first-in” responder to knock down small fires.
  • The GM CSD sponsors a highly recognized Firewise Committee that has received accolades at county and state levels for their aggressive and creative approach towards fire safety within the community.
  • In conjunction with the Gold Mountain HOA, and in cooperation with the Fire Wise Committee, the District has been very active in developing and implementing a hazardous fuel reduction program at Gold Mountain. Reducing the fuel load is a significant step towards ensuring our resilience to wild fire.  Wildland fire protection is provided by the United States Forest Service.